Bettie Page: The “SeX-Files”
(Part 1)
by Nick Redfern

Several years ago the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) created a brand new website titled The Vault. It’s an excellent and valuable resource for anyone wanting to take a look at countless, formerly classified files that are now available via the terms of the Freedom of Information Act. Indeed, the FBI has done an excellent, praiseworthy job of releasing its dossiers on a wide and varied body of subjects and people.

Files online at The Vault (all of which can be easily and quickly downloaded in PDF format) include (out of literally hundreds and hundreds) those on Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Al Capone, Steve Jobs, ESP, UFOs, Adolf Hitler, Ernest Hemingway, Jack the Ripper, The Doors, and even Anna Nicole Smith!

Then there is the highly entertaining file on none other than Bettie Page. The FBI notes at The Vault that Bettie Page was: “…famous for her pin-up portraits and nude modeling. Although the FBI did not investigate Page, her name appeared in several FBI interstate transportation of obscene materials investigations, a San Francisco Field Office crime survey, and - in passing - a counterintelligence operation…”

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Nick Redfern is the author of many books, including Celebrity Secrets. He writes for numerous magazines, including Penthouse.